Come and meet Darron and hear about his favourite books and how he constructs and write’s his stories. Hear one of Annie’s Grannies adventure stories with questions at the end. Books will be available for sale from Darron.

I take my inspiration from the chaos that is every day life and the things that make me laugh in the world. In my Annie’s Grannies series, Annie spends a lot of time with her grannies. Many parents have to work hard to provide for their children and pursue their careers, as a parent, I understand the benefits of having friends or relatives who are able to help out.
My books engage children and adults through the humour of the grannies’ ineptitude to tackle tasks, trips or normal days out. They also carry important messages for children that appear in the form of Annie’s diary, where, at the end of each book she writes about the things she has learnt that day.

Annie’s Grannies

Annie is a normal 10 year old girl but her grannies should not be left unsupervised. While her parents are at work there’s some hilarious trouble brewing. Annie’s grannies are enthusiastic as ever but nothing is as simple as it should be. Today they are baking cakes for the local fete…what could possibly go wrong!



The Fun Of Reading with Darron Jon Love

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Saturday 20 Oct 10am 4 to 8 The Fun Of Reading with Darron Jon Love (Free Event)