Elaine’s school reports said she was a bit of a daydreamer but that’s because she was too busy thinking up stories. Nowadays she likes to think of herself as a professional daydreamer, and is often found in her Plotting Shed at the bottom of the garden where all her ideas germinate.

Planet Stan

Stan loves a calming, ordered environment. His dinosaur-loving younger brother Fred is the opposite: chaotic, messy, prone to leaving snails under Stan’s bed. As Stan struggles to cope with his high maintenance brother and his hair-brained schemes he charts all the ups and downs of his life in a series of hilarious infographics.



The World of Planet Stan with Elaine Wickson

Event Time Age Range EventĀ (Click Link to see further information)
Sunday 21 Oct 2:45pm 7 to 11 The World of Planet Stan with Elaine Wickson