Wokingham-based children’s author, Keith Sheppard, has always had a passion for writing but real life kept getting in the way – until 2009 when his first book, a sequel to Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories, was published. Keith retired from his job in software development to concentrate on writing and two further children’s books followed. A major new Young Adult novel is currently in the pipeline. Keith regularly works with local schools and libraries, promoting literacy. When not writing, Keith enjoys
playing tennis and bridge (but not at the same time).

In the Kingdom of the Fair-Eyes

Trapped by an underground rock fall, Eve and Paul stumble upon the bizarre world of the “Fair-eyes”, a subterranean civilization whose society and foibles are curiously reminiscent of our own. The kidnap of a princess catapults the children into a desperate and dangerous rescue mission-but is everything as it seems? Could the pathologically stupid Goblins really have hatched this plot on their own? Are there darker forces at work? Was the princess the real target or is someone playing for even bigger stakes? Why do all your pens go missing and you keep finding unidentified keys at the back of the kitchen drawer? Let’s go rescue a princess. She’s a celebrity, for goodness’ sake! Get her out of there..


Dragons Have Feelings too! with Keith Sheppard

Event Time Age Range Event (Click Link to see further information)
Sunday 21 Oct 10:30am 8 to 14 Dragons Have Feelings too! with Keith Sheppard