Tina Stubbs, the author and illustrator behind the ‘Life’s Little Bugs’, set out with a goal to develop a series of picture books that will engage young readers with good habits in a positive, fun way.
With art and graphics always being a major passion of Tina’s, eventually she went on to achieve a diploma in Children’s Illustration from the London Art College, helping her to transform the Life’s Little Bugs characters she had already designed into lovely book illustrations. The books went on to receive the Reviewers product award from Bizziebabies and Tina herself recently scooped the prestigious ‘Sylvia Anderson Children’s author’ award at Pinewood Film Studios.

Fitness Bug

Fitness Bug loves nothing more than a healthy meal and a few star jumps to liven himself up. Join him in his story and read how he helps others, like ‘Stan the Frog’ who is too much of a ‘lump to jump’. Read how he helps change their sluggish ways for a more fun and happier lifestyle!


Good Habits-start them young! With Tina Stubbs


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Saturday 21 Oct 12pm 3 to 8 Good Habits-start them young! With Tina Stubbs (Free Event)