Mary has worked in a variety of roles from probation officer, social worker to primary school teacher. Having twins lead to writing her first book! After retiring Mary began writing and drawing and now has her first book published.

A Wartime Mystery with Mary Rosambeau

Come and hear about Mary’s book “Secrets and Spies”.

For ten year old Rory, war seems a world away, till he and his friend Paul uncover a suitcase radio Paul that says must belong to a spy. Rory finds another in a cupboard at home. What’s it doing there? Could his mother be a spy? When Rory’s mother suffers an unexplained accident he and his friend Paul, setting out to discover what happened, stumble on a dark secret that could threaten the course of the war. Bullies, smugglers and bombs get in the way of their desperate race against time. Will they save the village or fall victim to the enemy within.

Workshops with Mary Rosambeau

Event Time Age Range Event (Click Link to book)
Sunday 20 Oct 10.30am8 to 12 A Wartime Mystery with Mary Rosambeau