Sue Palmer writes adventure stories for 8 to 12-year-olds. Her characters are ordinary children who display extraordinary traits as they look for answers and chase their dreams. Sue Palmer studied German and International Studies at the University of Warwick, before a career in sales and skills training. She has worked with school and pre-school charities for a decade and she now writes full time in rural South Oxfordshire. May’s Moon and May’s Moon: Fortis Mission are the first 2 books in Sue’s space trilogy for children.

Space Stories from the Moon to Mars with Sue Palmer

May’s Moon is the story of 13 year old Michael May’s dream of becoming the first child astronaut when he enters a competition run by NASA.

It’s a story about chasing dreams and what happens when those dreams start to become a reality. The session looks at fictional Michael’s space journey and compares it to real astronaut training.

Key elements of the talk will be:
• What is happening in space right now.
• Inventions from space that help us on earth.
• What it takes to become an astronaut.
• A space quiz or competition.

Workshops with Sue Palmer

Event timeAge range Event (Click Link to book)
Saturday 19 Oct 10am6-12 Space Stories from the Moon to Mars with Sue Palmer