These guidelines set out the protocol that should be observed at events which the Mayor attends in an official capacity.  


As the Mayor is the first citizen of the Town, this means that only HM The Queen, members of the Royal Family and the Lord Lieutenant take precedence over the Mayor at events in the Town.

However the Wokingham Borough Mayor, if present, will always take precedence over the Town and Parish Chairman, unless the Town Council or Parish is hosting the event. Wokingham Borough has 14 Parish and 3 Town Councils, each with their own Chairman or Mayor.

The Deputy Mayor

If the Mayor is unable to attend a function the Deputy Mayor will attend where possible and should be accorded the same protocol as the Mayor.

Arrival and departure

If you are inviting the Mayor to your event, you should ensure that a named person meets the Mayor on arrival and makes introductions to the host or notable guests. It would also be preferable for the Mayor to be escorted from the venue at the time of departure. Where possible, a parking space should be reserved for the Mayor’s car as near to the venue entrance as possible.

Addressing the Mayor

The Mayor's correct title is The Worshipful the Mayor of Wokingham Town Council.

The style of address for civic posts is largely a matter of custom and tradition and as Wokingham is a very traditional town where a Mayor has been present since 1885, people commonly address the Mayor as “Your worship” as has been done for a number of years.

However, there are a number of variations for addressing the Mayor including the following, all of which may be used and are correct:

  • “Mr Mayor”
  • “Mr Town Mayor”
  • “Madam Mayor” (if the Mayor is a lady)
  • “Madam Town Mayor” (if the Mayor is a lady)
  • “Your Worship”
  • “Your Worshipful the Town Mayor of Wokingham” (more formal situations)

Below are some recommendations to help you:

For correspondence:

‘Your Worshipful the Town Mayor of Wokingham, Councillor (and their name).'/p>

Then ‘Dear Mr Mayor’ or ‘Dear Madam Mayor’

For introductions at a formal dinner or function:

‘Your Worshipful the Town Mayor of Wokingham, Councillor (and their name).

After formal introductions, it is acceptable for people to use one of the above forms of address.

Less formal event, e.g. opening school fete, new premises:

“Mr Mayor’ or ‘Madam Mayor’

Where both the Wokingham Town Mayor and the Borough Mayor are present at an event, a formal distinction should be made and it is suggested that the Town Mayor is addressed as “Mr/Madam Town Mayor.”

The Mayor’s Attendant

macebearerThe Mayor’s Attendant will accompany the Mayor to most engagements where he/she is wearing the Chain of Office. Their role is to primarily safeguard the chain.

The current Mayor’s Attendant is Mr David Dunham.

Table seating

In any formal seating arrangements (dinners, etc), the Mayor should be seated on the immediate right of the host/chairperson, with the only exception being when the Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire is present, a member of the Royal family or the Borough Mayor, in which case the Mayor should be on the immediate left of the chairman. The Mayoress (or Mayor’s Consort) should be seated on the immediate left of the chairman, except when the Mayor sits on the chairman’s left, in which case the Mayoress (or Consort) should sit on the Mayor’s left.

Toasts and speeches

If you wish the Mayor to propose or respond to a toast or to make a speech prior notice must be given and further details should be supplied on the questionnaire booking form.

The press

The local press (Wokingham Times and Wokingham News) is notified of the Mayor’s appointments during the preceding week but this does not guarantee their attendance at events. If it is important for the press to attend an event where the Mayor is attending, please contact them directly.


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