Free Adult Sleep Talk – how to improve your sleep

Event Details

Learn How To Improve Your Sleep

As part of Wokingham Wellbeing Week, Dr Lindsay Browning from Trouble Sleeping will be giving a free talk about sleep in adults on Monday the 13th May at 6-7pm, at Wokingham Library. Dr Browning is a Chartered Psychologist whose doctorate was in insomnia. She helps people of all ages with sleeping problems at

The talk will cover the science of sleep, the importance of sleep and how to improve your sleep.

The event is free as part of Wokingham Wellbeing Week, but you will need to book a ticket.

Also, check out the other events in and around Wokingham from the 13th to 19th May as part of Wokingham Wellbeing Week.

Dr Browning is part of the local community group WIWAG (Wellbeing In Wokingham Action Group) who promote local wellbeing services in the community.

Wokingham Wellbeing Week

Organised by Rough Sketch, a local not for profit organisation that focuses on bringing people together through the creative arts, and partnering with local organisations, charities and individuals that already work in the area of mental health and wellbeing. Wokingham Wellbeing week are a series of events helping with, talking about, breaking the stigma of and bringing up the discussion of mental health. If you want to find out more and get involved follow on Facebook page /WokinghamWellbeingWeek