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Twinned Town Erftstadt

Carl Schurz Medal.JPG

Artefacts associated with the Twinning of Wokingham and Erftstadt including gifts given by Erftstadt to Wokingham. Erftstadt literally means "Town on…

Twinned Town Viry-Chatillon

Viry-Chatillon Saver.JPG

Artefacts associated with the Twinning of Wokingham and Viry-Chatillon including gifts given by Viry-Chatillon to Wokingham. Viry-Chatillon is…

Wokingham and REME


Collection containing artifacts from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers on show in the Town Hall or from our long association with the…

Wokingham History


Artefacts relating to the history of the town

Wokingham Mayors


Photographs and information, where we have them, of all the Mayors from 1885 to present day.

Wokingham Remembers WWI


A collection of pieces relevant to the World War of 1914-18 and the people of Wokingham.Find out more about how the two World Wars affected the people…