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Buildings (Not Town Hall)

Civic Awards

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People who have been awarded a Civic Award

Civic Regalia


Items that comprise the Mayoral regalia including Mayoral Chains, Robes and the Mace and items related to the traditions of the Council. A few moments…

Civic Silver and gifts

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Wokingham Town Council's collection of Silver and gifts to the Council. Including items of ceremonial importance, items presented to the Council by…


Historic Events that occurred in Wokingham

High Stewards of Wokingham

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This is a collection of the Coats of Arms of the High Stewards of Wokingham from 1612. Alongside other items of historical value related to the…

History of Wokingham Town Council


Collection of objects directly related to the history of the Council.



Industries that contributed to Wokingham's heritage.

Paintings in the Town Hall


A collection of the paintings in the Town Hall. The paintings that comprise the bulk of the collection in the Main Hall, Annexe and Council Chamber…

People (not Civic)

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People associated with Wokingham's Heritage.