Civic Regalia


Items that comprise the Mayoral regalia including Mayoral Chains, Robes and the Mace and items related to the traditions of the Council.

A few moments in history related to the council and its regalia:

In 1885 Queen Victoria granted a Charter of Incorporation to Wokingham creating a "Borough Council", which covered approximately the same area as the Town Council now does.

In 1892 funds for a Mayoral Chain were obtained through subscription. The money raised was in excess of that needed for the chain and so Mayoral robes were additionally purchased.

The Chain and Robe of Office were presented to the Council at a public dinner held at the Town Hall on 27th May 1893 by High Steward, John Walter III of Bearwood.

When Wokingham Town Council was established from the earlier "Borough" Council in 1974, it continued the mayoral traditions. The mayoral regalia are worn on all formal occasions such as Civic Sunday, Remembrance Day and at other notable events.

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Excellent background information. Suggest photograph of listed  past mayors and dates carved on oak panelling displayed in Committee/Council Chamber be shown together with the signed Town Twinning Charters with Viry-Chattillon and Efstadt and the anniversary charter affirmations for each. Also town silver and mace, silver mounted chrystal jugs [which I presented] honorary constables including staves they carry, town crier and regalia and bell and off course the Mayor's Attendant[ An excellent painting of Albert Dunham Mayor's Attendant should be traced and displayed since he gave exemplary service for many years.] Town Clerk regalia plus the wig! Very happy to provide input as the site could well be expanded to a remarkable degree given the quality of presentation. JOHN PETER GREEN PAST MAYOR



Many thanks Mr Green for the suggestions,

Many of the items you have listed have been flagged as needing to be added. I'd not considered the panelling before but will add that to the list as well. A significant expansion to both Twinning Collections is planned. 

The Silver items can already be found under the Civic Silver Collection. Unfortunatly we have yet to find a way to enable us to list items in multiple collections. We do however link related collections where possible as well as related items/individuals. 

Albert's painting is displayed proudly in the Council Chamber and can also be found here on the virtual museum under the Paintings Collection. His son is now our current Macebearer and Mayor's Attendant.

We are always be happy to recieve input especially from a Past Mayor. The insight and knowledge of those gone before is extremely useful. 


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