Wokingham History


Artefacts relating to the history of the town

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Gotelee Photograph Album
An album of photographs entitled "View Album of Wokingham And Neighborhood" , published by W.J.Gotelee, Market Place, Wokingham. There are the following pictures:-
All Saints' Church Interior
St. Paul's Church
St. Paul's Church Interior

Wokingham Charters
This text provides a summary of the Wokingham Charters of King Henry III, Queen Elizabeth I, King James I and Queen Victoria. The full text can be found here. King Henry III Charter: King Henry III gave Richard Poore, the Bishop of Salisbury, a…

Lead Bullet
This lead bullet found in skull of a skeleton dug up in the churchyard of All Saints' Wokingham during 1924. This example of lead shot was most likely employed in a musket pre 1850's.