History of Wokingham Town Council


Collection of objects directly related to the history of the Council.

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Collection: Wokingham Mayors

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Charter granting Armorial Bearings to Wokingham Council
This Charter, dated 1953, signifies the granting of the Coat of Arms and Seal to Wokingham Borough Council. At a special court held at Windsor Castle on 16th April 1975, Queen Elizabeth II authorised, by Order in Council, these Armorial bearings to…

Wokingham Town Hall
The Town Hall replaced the old Guildhall, which had become so dilapidated that it was decided to demolish it and build a replacement. The replacement was to serve mainly as a courthouse, police station, Council Chamber, small covered market, rooms…

Distinguished Visitors Book
The Borough of Wokingham Visitors Book. This has signatures for the following:-
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association - Visit of members of Commonwealth Legislatures, May 11th 1962.
Visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Highness…