Twinned Town Erftstadt


Artefacts associated with the Twinning of Wokingham and Erftstadt including gifts given by Erftstadt to Wokingham.

Erftstadt literally means "Town on the Erft" and is located about 12 miles south west of Cologne. Erftstadt was formed, during local government reorganisation in 1969 from a collection of 15 small towns and villages. The largest of these towns are Lechenich and Liblar and the oldest town in Erftstadt celebrated the 700th anniversary of its charter in 1979.

The total population is approximately 49,000 and the town has an area of some 120 square kilometres of which 80% is still devoted to agriculture.

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The Friendly Encounter
This work is a smaller likeness of a large 2.5 metre high sculpture by "Gagel 1999" which is erected in Erftstadt - Liblar, Germany. Depicted are a woman and a man, representing all people who meet as friends. This statement is strengthened by the…

Erfstadt Salver
A silver salver of plain circular form, with everted edge, the centre engraved with the two Armorial Crests of Wokingham and Erftstadt, the underside inscribed:

"20 Jahre Partner Schaft Wokingham-Erftstadt"

This was presented to Wokingham by…

Erfstadt Plates With Buildings
Three Pottery plates with inscription of STADT ERTSADT, coat of arms and buildings from the town.