Twinned Town Viry-Chatillon


Artefacts associated with the Twinning of Wokingham and Viry-Chatillon including gifts given by Viry-Chatillon to Wokingham.

Viry-Chatillon is situated about 12 kilometres south of Paris, close to Orly airport, alongside the N7 and close to the river Seine. The town is of regional importance as the Paris to Orleans mainline railway, the Paris to Lyon motorway and the Montereau to Paris to Rouen waterway all pass through or close to Viry.

Historically Viry-Chatillon came about from the joining of two villages - Viry sur Seine and Chatillon sur Orge. Early mention of Viry can he found in solicitors records, dated 1093, at Longpont Abbey. Viry, which houses many historical buildings the most famous of which is Saint Deny´s church dating from the twelfth century, was known as a resort area for Parisian nobles and gentry as early as the sixteenth century. Chatillon on the other hand was known to be the site of a feudal castle on the banks of the river Seine and became one of the cornerstones of regional development, with its port on the Seine dealing in wine, grain and coal.

The joining of the two villages took place in 1490, with the creation of Viry-Chatillon The town´s first mayor, Mr Larue, took office in 1790 when the population was 408. The coming of the railway and the aeroplane at the beginning of the century played an important role in Viry-Chatillon´s development Especially important was the creation of Port Aviation, the world´s first aerodrome.

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Bust of Marianne
In May 1998, the Town Council of Viry-Châtillon presented the Town Council of Wokingham with the bust of Marianne, who is a national emblem of the French Republic. She is a personification of Liberty and Reason and represents the triumph of the…

French Platter
A French silver plated Platter of a plain circular design with bevelled edge. The plain centre engraved with the Coat of Arms of Viry Chatillon.
The Platter was presented to the Wokingham Town Council in 1988 by the French Town of Viry Chatillon…

Viry-Chatillon Miners Lamp
A Miners Lamp with inscription.