Wokingham Mayors


Photographs and information, where we have them, of all the Mayors from 1885 to present day.

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E Eustace

Under most entries, you note the fact that a road was named after the mayor concerned. Except for JB Eustace. Eustace Crescent was named after him as acknowledgement of all the hard work he did for Wokingham as three times mayor, alderman etc. I know the council decided it didn’t wish to acknowledge him or his work any longer (not liking my surname) and changed the name of the road but the very least you could do is note it under his biography! I find it disrespectful.



Good Morning E Eustace,Information about the Mayors is directly sourced from Mr J Bell's books on the Wokingham Mayors. The omission of the road named after him was not intentional. We will amend the article appropriately to include this fact.


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