F Head's Certificate of Transfer to Reserve on Demobilization



Army form Z21, this form certifies Frederick Head's transfer to reserve on demobilization. Detailing his service details, including regiment, number etc and detailing the date he was transferred to reserve. It also includes details such as the date in which he attested to join and the date in which he was actually mobilized. Attestation in this context is the promise to serve should they be needed. Frederick would have been placed in a group taking into account his status as a married man and his date of birth. Single men were called up before married men. Frederick joined up in December 1915 but wasn't mobilized until February 1917.

Frederick Head born in 1878 served in the Royal Corps of Engineers. At his demobilisation in 1919 he was a Lance Corporal in the 334 Road Construction Company and a Road Foreman.

A local man from Mount Pleasant he was married and had a younger brother who also served in the War. His family remained in Wokingham and his grandaughter retains these items and his history.

This piece is part of an external collection and is not available to view in person.





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