Alexander Ledgerwood Bousfield medals



Medals awarded to Alexander Ledgerwood Bousfield for serving in the First World War. From left to right the British War Medal and Victory Medal.

The British War Medal is a circular silver (or, in rare cases, bronze) design. The obverse shows a King George V bareheaded effigy, facing left, with the legend: GEORGIVS V BRITT : OMN : REX ET IND : IMP : (George V, King of all the British Isles and Emperor of India). The reverse shows St. George naked on horseback, armed with a short sword (an allegory of the physical and mental strength which achieves victory over Prussianism). The horse tramples on the Prussian shield and the skull and cross-bones. Just off-centre, near the right upper rim, is the sun of Victory. The dates 1914 and 1918 appear in the left and right fields respectively.

The Victory Medal is a 36mm diameter circular copper medal, lacquered in bronze. The obverse in the British Empire medal shows the winged, full-length, full-front, figure of 'Victory' (or 'Victoria'), also figuring in all other medals by the nations as cited, but in this case (the British Empire) with her left arm extended and holding a palm branch in her right hand, this being in common with the previously (pre-war) created British Empire statue in the Victoria Memorial, London (which contains also a statue of the Queen and Empress with the title 'VICTORIA REGINA IMPERATRIX'). The reverse has the words ‘THE GREAT / WAR FOR / CIVILISATION / 1914-1919' in four lines, all surrounded by a laurel wreath.

Alexander Ledgerwood Bousfield survived WW1 and returned to work as a Railway Clerk after the War. Hs family later moved to Wokingham. This piece is part of an external collection and is not available to view in person.





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