Charter granting Armorial Bearings to Wokingham Council



This Charter, dated 1953, signifies the granting of the Coat of Arms and Seal to Wokingham Borough Council. At a special court held at Windsor Castle on 16th April 1975, Queen Elizabeth II authorised, by Order in Council, these Armorial bearings to be lawfully borne and used by Wokingham Town Council.

The interpretation of the Arms:
A field of acorns on a gold shield representing Wokingham as a forest town.
An ermine chevron indicative of the Royal House.
A Tudor rose, which is part of the badge of Queen Elizabeth I and our present Queen.
The crest as a Saxon crown representing the Saxon origin of the district.
A Berkshire stag supporting a bishop’s crozier. This refers to the ownership of most of the town by the Bishop of Salisbury until 1574 when it became a royal town

Wokingham Motto: E Glande Quercus - from the acorn, the oak.





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