Quaich and Cover



A silver Quaich of plain circular form, with two applied shaped rim handles, and with matching cover, inscribed:

"Presented to the Borough Council and to the people of Wokingham by the Hon. Mrs Corfield O.B.E., Mayor, Alderman And member of the Council for 18 years. February 1961"

Gross Weight - 8 troy ounces

Maker's Mark - R.C.

Alderman Mrs Mary Hay Corfield was Mayor of Wokingham for three consecutive years 1947 - 1949 and was the first female to hold the office of Mayor in Wokingham.

Quaich is a Scots rendering of the Gaelic word "Cuach", meaning a shallow cup. It became a favourite drinking cup throughout Scotland, originating in the Western Highlands and certain sizes of them became reputed whisky measures but mainly used as a "Welcome or Farewell Cup" to visitors.

Originally made of wood, then horn, followed by silver, its simple shape with its two handles, colloquially known as "lugs" has remained unchanged.

The "Quaich" can truly be known as "Scotland's Cup of Friendship".

Sir Walter Scott was the proud owner of a special Quaich; In 1745 it had travelled from Edinburgh to Derby with the Scottish Army in Bonnie Prince Charlie's canteen. Its bottom was made of glass so that the drinker could keep watch on his companions.

One was also designed with a double glass bottom in which was enclosed a lock of hair so that the owner could drink to his lady love.





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17 x 6 x 12 cm



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