Snuff Box



This snuff box is made of wood and is of an oval shape. It has an applied metal plate which is inscribed,

"Wood from Old Town Hall WOKINGHAM built in the reign of QUEEN ELIZABETH" James Herring"

Although it bears the name of James Herring it was presented to the Town Mayor, Councillor Mrs Linda Barnes for the benefit of the Town on 20th January 2003 by a Mr Eric Clemas (who now resides in Wales) but was formerly of Wokingham, who also related the interesting history of the snuff box.

It would appear that Mr Clemas and a Mr Michael Anthony Anderson, now deceased but formerly the Landlord of the Red Lion Inn in the Market Place, and also a Councillor, were great friends and regularly took Snuff together (a favourite social activity in past years).

It is not known how Mr Anderson acquired the snuff box but it would appear that it became damaged and was in need of repair. Mr Anderson suggested that Mr Clemas keep it until he could get it repaired and then hand it to the Mayor for the benefit of the Town.

All this took place some years ago and although Mr Clemas moved away from Wokingham he did not forget the charge made by his friend. It was in 2003, that Mr Clemas found it possible to complete the task Mr Anderson had set him. He travelled up from Wales and accompanied by two of Mr Anderson's daughters presented the treasured Snuff Box for it to be displayed with the remainder of the Towns' treasures and artefacts.





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