REME print



This is a print (1/100) of an original painting depicting as variety of scenes associated with REME. Below the print is an information piece that reads:

This painting depicts the towns and villages associated with Arborfield Garrison, the home of REME and of the Corps Sgt's Mess, shown in the centre. It also shows the Corps' first Director, Major General Sir E. Bertram Rowcroft KBE CB.

Poperinghe, top left, in Belgium, Bailleul, top right and Hazebrouck, bottom left in France are towns where in World War One there were forward remount depots providing horses for the Army. These names were given to camps in Arborfield, represented by the War Memorial, bottom centre, as an echo of the remount depot which existed there from 1904 to 1937. Wokingham, in whose district the Garrison lies, is shown bottom right.

Poperinghe Camp once housed the Corps' Depot, despatch point of REME soldiers going on overseas service and later the unit training REME recruits. Bailleul and Hazebrouck Barracks housed REME armoured recovery training units in World War Two and, later, electronics trade training units which were eventually merged to form the school of Electronic Engineering.





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