Wokingham Embroidery

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This beautiful work of art was created by the Ladies of the Wokingham Branch of the Embroiders Guild.

It was commissioned by Councillor Anthony Barber, Town Mayor 2000 - 2002 and presented by him to the Wokingham Town Council on 8th April 2003.

The background colouring is of various shades of blue which are intermingled and gives the picture a rather soft, misty appearance in which can be seen the forms of various well-known buildings and events of Wokingham, such as: The Clock Tower at Shute End, Rose Street, The Terrace, Baptist Church and Lucas Hospital, the REME Band who supply music in the Market Place at Christmas, and the annual Civic Parade of the Town Mayor, Councillors and several major dignatories.

The centrepiece of the embroidery is the image of The Town Hall in its natural colouring.

At its base is displayed - The Badge of the Corp of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who are Honorary Townspersons of Wokingham; the Coat of Arms of Wokingham Town Council and the official Town Flag which is flown on auspicious occasions.

On each side of the embroidery is a separate banner on which is embroidered entwined oak leaves and acorns, the symbols of Wokingham.

The Embroidery will be permanently on public display in the Town Hall.





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8th April 2003


Wokingham Embroiderers Guild


Silk and Cotton.

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