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Danny was born in the Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth and is the older son of Harry Daniel Miller (1926-2007) and Carla Heatha Carolina Kubin (1927-2006). His brother, John Peter (b. 1961), is fire chief at Grimsby Fire Station.
Carla is a descendant of uncles who fought and died in the battle of Stalingrad and great uncles who served in the Austrian Hussars who fought and died in the battle of Austerlitz against Napoleon. She is also related to Alfred Kubin (1877-1959), the Austrian artist noted for his dreamlike, etheric, paintings. Danny is also a direct descendent of the Head Huntsman of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.
While still attending school, during weekends, Danny worked in his father’s metal fabrication factory gaining knowledge and expertise that placed him ahead of his peers. He left school at the age of sixteen to work for Sperry in Bracknell for six years. Danny was a founder member of the Sperry Hang Gliding Club and was one of the first Hang Gliding Pilots in the world. He competed in two World Championships and was ranked 13th in the world. Dissatisfied with career opportunities he resigned to further his academic qualifications and enrolled at Aston University where he took a degree in engineering and met his future wife Moyna Johnston.
He became Head of Project Planning at Westland Helicopters, Company Programme Manager at Marconi Underwater and Business Development Director at Plessey and he is now Managing Director of Millennium Business Systems.
Danny and Moyna married in 1980 and they have three children: Kirsten (b. 1983), Danielle (b. 1985), both of whom attend Holt School, and Robin (b. 1996).
Danny is a qualified Professional Tennis Coach and has played as a professional in numerous tournaments at the highest level.
Danny also served in the Wessex Regiment and 23 S.A.S. during which while on duty he suffered an injury due to an explosion. This resulted in an Army 20% disability compensation payment £612 and lifelong issues thereafter.
Because he wanted to give something to the community, he joined Wokingham Town Council and served for 16 years. His successes and memories during his Mayoral Terms include helping to fund a new building for the Dingley Family and Play Therapy Group which was his charity of the year. He raised some £18,000 which is a record. His activities included dressing up in a Victorian bathing costume for a swimming challenge in support of the R.N.L.I; instrumental in saving the Christmas lights of Wokingham; opening the Courtyard Restaurant in the Town Hall; improving links with Wokingham’s twin towns of Viry-Chattilon and Erftstadt.
The charity of the year for his second term as Mayor was Make-A-Wish which particularly benefitted cancer sufferer James Cork of Finchampstead, whose wish was to be a famous artist. Danny ensured that his painting of a peacock was exhibited in Wokingham venues and in France and Germany, taking the picture personally. He also arranged for James to receive letters of congratulations from the Queen, Tony Blair then Prime Minister, and many others.
At the end of his second term in May 2006 he presented a cheque for £5,566 to his Make a Wish charity saying, “I did my best to bring honour and dignity to my office and to the people of Wokingham. I believe I have kept my promise. Job done.”


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