Wokingham Erftstadt Twinning 10 Year Anniversary Certificate

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A framed certificate with Wokingham and Erftstadt crests with the following words in the left side of the certificate:-

" Wokingham Town Council & Stadt Erfstadt reaffirm on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the twinning arrangement, the formal resolutions undertaken on the 17th December 1977. The common Seal of Wokingham Town Council are hereunto affixed at Wokingham this 10th day of October 1987 in the presence of the Mayor and Town Clerk. "

There follows the signatures of the Mayor, John Green and the Town Clerk, M.A. Taylor.

An equivalent set of words in German and signatures from Erftstadt are on the right side of the certificate.





“Wokingham Erftstadt Twinning 10 Year Anniversary Certificate ,” Wokingham's Virtual Museum, accessed January 18, 2021, https://wokingham-tc.gov.uk/museum/document/WTH0277.


10th October 1987

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