Carl Schurt Commemorative Medal

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A Carl Schurz commemorative medal presented by Erftstadt in 1977. On one side it has a head and shoulder engraving of Carl with the following inscription:-
CARL SCHUTZ 1829-1906
Wo die Freiheit ist.da ist ein Vaterland.

On the reverse side are the following words:-

Ceburtssatte Cad Schuiz Verberg SchloB Gracht

Carl Christian Schurz was a German revolutionary and an American statesman, journalist, and reformer. He migrated to the United States after the German revolutions of 1848–49 and became a prominent member of the Republican Party. After serving as a Union general in the American Civil War, he helped found the short lived Liberal Republican Party and became a prominent advocate of civil service reform. Schurz represented Missouri in the United States Senate and was the 13th United States Secretary of the Interior.





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