Sidney Hogbourn

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Born in 1897, Sidney was the son of Fanny and Henry Hogbourn who, in 1911, lived in Plough Lane, Wokingham with their six children. Henry was a brickyard labourer. During the early stages of the war Sidney joined the 5th Battalion of the Royal Berkshire Regiment and went with them to France.
Sidney was killed near Loos on 7th October 1915. His body was not recovered thus his name was placed on the Loos Memorial. Although we do not know of the exact circumstances of Sidney’s death, it is likely he was killed in this field of battle.

From the history of the Royal Berkshires by John Chapman: "Throughout the summer of 1915 they alternated between trench duty and periods in reserve and for most men it was all a great game. When the Battle of Loos opened on 25th September they were engaged in creating diversions and uncertainty in the German lines well to the north of the main battlefield".

Sidney’s brother Frederick served in the Royal Marines and survived the war. He went on to have a son, Henry in 1921. Allan Mees, tells us the story: “My Father-in-Law is Sidney’s brother Frederick’s son – Henry Frederick Hogburn (born 21/10/1921). He turned 90 recently, never met his Grandmother (Fanny) or Grandfather (Henry) or any of Frederick’s siblings. Henry was only 2 when his mum (Isabella) lost contact with Frederick. Henry never met Frederick who died at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in 1973.”

A few months later the Wokingham Remembers website was contacted by another member of the family and a mystery developed whereby Frederick had had three children whilst his son Henry had believed he was an only child. At 91 years old, Henry discovered he had a sister and soon flew to Australia to meet her. The Wokingham Times ran a story of the ‘reunion of Sidney Hogbourn’s nephew and niece’. Since then Henry (known as Harry) has passed away aged 92.





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d. 7th October 1915