Bernard F Knight

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Bernard Frank Knight was born in Wokingham in 1896 to Frank and Lucie Knight. There was another son, Raymond, born 1910 and two daughters, Olive born 1911 and Janet born 1913. Frank was a decorator/plumber in Wokingham and Lucie worked as a clerk/typist. In 1911, the family lived at 16, Rose Street. Bernard was then at school. In 1914, aged 18, he travelled from Liverpool to Melbourne to seek a new life in Australia.

In 1916 in Brisbane, Bernard enlisted in the 49th Infantry Battalion of the Australian Army. The 49th Battalion was raised in February 1916 as part of the doubling of the Australian Imperial Force and was predominantly composed of men from Queensland. Arriving in France on 12 June 1916, the 49th moved into the trenches for the first time on 21 June. It fought in its first major battle at Mouquet Farm in August and suffered heavily, particularly in the assault launched on 3rd September.

Bernard died on 5th September 1916, but was re-buried after the war in the vast London Road extension cemetery near High Wood, Longueval. Bernard’s niece, the daughter of his sister Olive, was a member of the Milton Road church before moving to Devon.





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d. 5th September 1916