Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee

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Alexandria Victoria, born on 24th May 1819 was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20th June 1837, until her death on 22nd January 1901, making a reign of 63 years.

Victoria did not celebrate her Silver Jubilee because of he death of beloved husband Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha who she had married on the 10th February 1840.

The Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 1887 and to mark the event two more almshouses were added for the Westende Charity. The foundation stone was laid by Miss Shorter on behalf of Mrs. Wescott, wife of the mayor.

Despite efforts to raise subscriptions for the almshouses and the celebrations there was a deficiency in the festivities account for which the Mayor made up the difference.

The Celebration in Wokingham took place on 21st June 1887. The Programme of events were as follows:-

9:30 am Firing of feu de joie in the Market Place, ringing of church bells, hoisting flags on Town Hall and the band playing "God save the Queen".
9.45 am Procession to church.
10:30 Service at the Parish church
1pm Dinner in the Market Place.
3pm Sports and other amusements in Langborough Rec.
7:30 Distribution of prizes by the Mayor
9pm Entertainment in the Market Place, other amusements, illuminations and fireworks.


Wokingham and the Royal Jubilees by Jim Bell




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