Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

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Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee was celebrated throughout Great Britain and the colonies. On sale were special stamps, coins and medals. On the 22nd June the Queen broadcast a message by telegraph to all parts of the Empire, becoming the first monarch to do so.

The congregation of All Saints Parish Church commemorated the jubilee by using the Jubilee Sunday funds to purchase a new organ.

An ox given by Mr. Ilfould was roasted by the Wokingham Fire Brigade overnight and was ready at noon. As stated in the Parish Magazine "nearly a thousand persons received on a jubilee plate some good slices of beef, with new potatoes, plenty of gravy and a roll of bread. Mr. E. C. Hughes added 2 new pennies in a paper envelope, and the Mayor added a packet of tobacco. The whole was taken home and was, we can bear witness, very highly appreciated. "

At 4pm 1150 children assembled at the west end of Broad Street for songs and then went to Langborough where races and games for all ages were provided.

At nine o'clock there was a singing competition in the Market Place which lasted till nearly midnight.


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