Margaret Adamson

Margaret Adamson.jpg


Margaret received a Civic Award in 2013 for her commitment to the Embrook Village Hall Committee. Her Nomination follows:-

Margaret has served as a member of that committee since the early 1980s, and she took over the important role of Treasurer in May1997.

As Treasurer she manages all the finances very well to ensure that the hall retains its high quality appeal to all Emmbrook residents, but at the most cost effective price. Margaret and her husband also do a wonderful job of taking care of the gardens at the Village Hall in their spare time. It has been said, quite rightly, that she keeps the committee together. Her experience is invaluable, and committee members are
well aware of, and grateful for, the enormous support she has given them for many years. I really believe that Margaret knows just about every facet of what makes Emmbrook Village Hall tick, from acquiring day to day supplies to how things work and who can mend them if they don’t!

All Emmbrook residents are benefitting from Margaret's drive and ability to keep the hall on an even footing in both a financial and a practical sense.





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