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Shield Medallion Cases

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The Mayoral Chain is designed to accommodate fifty-seven shield medallions, but as the first Mayor was installed in 1885, the number of medallions on the Chain would make it far to heavy and cumbersome to be worn; therefore the following system is…

The Mayor's Consort's Badge

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This is of highly polished white metal of circular form which surrounds a central circular disc with applied gilt acorn and oak leaf motif. The remote outer border proclaims "Wokingham Town Mayoral Centenary 1885-1985", whilst on the reverse face is…

The Mayoral Badge and Chain

These were designed by a local dignitary, T W Heelas, and manufactured by the Crown Jewellers, Garrard of 112 Regent Street, London in 1892. Money for the purchase of the items was raised by subscriptions by various inhabitants of the Town of…

Town Clerk Robe

Town Clerk Robe