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Kaanaanmaa Diamond Jubilee Pin

This acorn shaped pin  was commissioned in recognition of the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II and reflects the Council’s crest and motto, E glande quercus "from the acorn, the oak”It was presented to the Mayor at a ceremony as part of the…

The Mayoral Badge and Chain

These were designed by a local dignitary, T W Heelas, and manufactured by the Crown Jewellers, Garrard of 112 Regent Street, London in 1892. Money for the purchase of the items was raised by subscriptions by various inhabitants of the Town of…

Mayoresses Chain and Badge

mayoresses badge_3_1.jpg
The Badge A Victorian two coloured, rose and yellow, gold ceremonial badge of fancy shield shaped form; the flanged border with applied acorn and oak leaf decoration surrounding a centrally mounted enamelled portrait miniature of Queen Victoria…

The Mayor's Consort's Badge

Mayor_ escort_3_1.jpg
This is of highly polished white metal of circular form which surrounds a central circular disc with applied gilt acorn and oak leaf motif. The remote outer border proclaims "Wokingham Town Mayoral Centenary 1885-1985", whilst on the reverse face is…

Parade Marshals cane

parade marshal cane_1_1.jpg
This is a silver mounted, military style walking cane with a capstan styled head mount inscribed: "Garth Hunt Puppy Show 1925" and with a later applied silver band below inscribed: "Presented by Councillor Stanley L Bowyer (Mayor 1950 and 1973) to…

Mayoral Robes

The style of the gown is copied from a standard design for all Mayors. It is of a lined red woollen fabric, trimmed with a black velvet ribbon along the bottom edge and the front and cuffs are trimmed with fur. Mayors wear a gold cockade on a black…

Deputy Mayor's Robes

The Deputy Mayor's robe is of a similar style to the Mayoral Robe. It is a mauve woollen material with a fur trim and a black velvet strip along the bottom edge.
Female Deputy Mayors wear a jabot and gloves however men do not. The black headwear is…

Deputy Mayor's Badge

This sterling silver badge, worn on a silver chain, has a pierced border with a design of a Tudor rose, thistle and clover and a crossed ceremonial mace and sword.
The centre is a red enamel boss with a gilt acorn and the title 'Deputy Mayor'. The…

Deputy Mayoress's Badge

Made of quatrefoil gilt plate this badge is worn on a gilt chain. The Armorial Badge of Wokingham Town shows the red Tudor rose in a white chevron surrounded by acorns.This Badge was purchased by Wokingham Town Council in 1989 as a badge of…

Honorary Constables' Staves

Made of ebonised wood, the Staves are in two matched pairs black in colour, all carry a painted Coat of Arms.
Like the Mace these signify a transition from defensive to ceremonial use. Two of the Council's four staves have silver heads in the shape…