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  • Collection: Wokingham Remembers WWII

Joy Burton

Joy Burton was born in 1923 in Henley to Thomas Alfred and Clara Burton, of Wokingham.

She lived at 86 Wescott Rd, with her parents, before being stationed to work on the Barrage Balloons in London on an RAF base near Blackheath (RAF Kidbrooke).…

Wokingham Bombing

On the 4th October 1940, during World War 2 a Junkers 88 German bomber dropped a 1,000lb high explosive bomb and four oil bombs on Wokingham. The event was witnessed by Walter Percy Fenwick, a postman better known as "Old Havelocker". He was…

H.M.S. Garth

Replica of HMS Garth Badge.JPG
In December 1941 the residents of the District of Wokingham were informed that, during their Week for Warships Campaign they would be given the opportunity to raise money by purchasing national war bonds, savings bonds of defence bonds to fund the…

The War Illustrated

A book entitled, THE WAR ILLUSTRATED being volume 8 edited by Sir. John Hammerton. This is a collection of publications with same title, the first of which is dated May 26 1944.

Ration Books

Ministry Of Food Ration Books 1951-1952 in the name of Michael J. Day of Finchampstead.

Donated by the family of Mr Day to the Town Council collection.