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Bull Baiting in Wokingham Market Place

A painting of bull baiting in Wokingham Market Place. While the artist is unknown, the style and manner of the work has led this to be attributed to an artist associated with James Pollard. The white building to the right is the old Guildhall.


Market Place and Guildhall

web_market placeand Guildhall.JPG
Framed watercolour painting of the Wokingham old Guild hall and Market Place.

The Old Town Hall, Wokingham, showing the position of the Old Stocks

web_Old Town hall.JPG
This work of the English Primitive School shows the Old Town Hall (Guildhall) before it was torn down and replaced with the current building. It also specifies the location of the old stocks.

This print is mentioned in the Reading Mercury…

George I (1660-1723)

A full length life size figure in a flowing wig, wearing a red Coronation tunic lined with ermine, pressing his right hand on the gold orb adorned with pearls, close to which lies the sceptre. On the table also rests a royal crown of four arches,…

Prince George of Denmark (1653–1708), Baron Wokingham, KG

Baron Ockingham. Husband of Queen Anne. He is wearing a strange mixture of plate and classic armour, a Roman breastplate and appendages to protect the thighs. The Blue Ribbon of the Garter crosses his breastplate, and the oval badge of St George is…

In Commemoration of the Election of Richard Aldworth Nevill, Esq., High Steward of the Corporation of Wokingham, 8 December 1786

Currently situated in the Town Council Offices this work requires an appointment to view.The text reads Baron of Braybrook in the county of Northampton, Lord Lieutenant and Castor Rototorum. Vice Admiral of the County of Essex. High Stward of…

Charles II (1630 - 1685)

In the full costume of the Garter, his right hand holding back the white lining of his blue mantle. His left hand rests on a table covered with a crimson cloth, on which is placed the plumed hat worn by the Knights of the Garter. The background is a…

Thomas Creaker, Alderman of Wokingham Corporation

The bust portrait of Alderman Thomas Creaker in black coat and white stock is of the 19th century English school. Thomas Creaker served as Alderman and Chief Magistrate in 1822, 1829, 1837 and 1844. He was Alderman at the time of Queen Victoria and…

William III (1650-1702)

At the period of his accession. In full flowing wig, wearing a white satin coat under a blue velvet cloak lined with ermine and surmounted by a cape of the same fur. He has a handsome white lace cravat and the Collar and Pendant of the Garter. This…

James II (1633-1701)

A half length portrait, the size of life, in armour. The face is turned in three quarters to the left, the side of his nose being in shadow. The countenance is very like that of his brother Charles II. He rests his right arm on a red drapery spread…