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Archbishop Laud (1573-1645)

Life size seen to the waist, in chimere and rochet, a frill round his neck and flat college cap on his head. The face is turned in three quarters to the left, light being admitted from the right hand side. It is almost the counterpart of the one in…

Thomas Wentworth (1593–1641), Earl of Strafford, KG

Thomas Wentworth. Earl of Strafford K.G. A companion portrait to King Charles I. He is in full armour, the size of life, seen to the waist bareheaded, wearing a plain square collar. The face is turned in three quarters, the eyes fixed on the…

Portrait of an Elizabethan Lady

This work is of the late 16th century English School and has been restored. The lady is unknown although she is believed to resemble Queen Anne of Denmark. A half length standing figure, in the dress of the period of James I. The face is turned in…

Queen Anne (1665–1714)

Life size figure seen to the waist, crowned and in royal costume, wearing the Collar and Pendant of the Garter. A copy, the original picture is by Sir Godfrey Kneller.

Albert Dunham (1921-2007), Wokingham Town Mace-Bearer and Mayor's Attendant (1983-2003)

The portrait of Mr Albert Dunham wearing the full uniform of the Town Mace Bearer and bearing the Town Mace, was commissioned by Wokingham Town Council in recognition of his twenty years (1981 - 2001) continuous service in that office. It was…

Henrietta Maria Walter (1849-1937)

Henrietta, née Anson, was the wife of Arthur Frazer Walter (1846-1910), High Steward of Wokingham from 1895 to 1910, and son of John Walter III.


Charles I (1600 - 1649)

Life size to waist, bareheaded, wearing plain steel armour and a square collar turned over the neckpiece. The oval badge of the Garter hangs in front by a short gold chain. It is believed to be a copy of the one by Anthony Van Dyke, now in the…

Councillor Ernest Goodchild (1894-1967)

Ernest served as Mayor of Wokingham in 1957. The painting was presented to the Town Council by the Wokingham & District Arts Group.

Sarah Churchill (1660–1744), Duchess of Marlborough

An elegant figure plainly attired in a pale red or pink dress with ample pale blue drapers. Her richly flowing long hair hangs low down on her left side in front of her shoulder. She wears no jewellery of any kind. The freedom and fluttering of the…

Thomas Manley Wescott Painting

Thomas was a member of the Local Government Board from 1868 until its dissolution in 1885. He served Wokingham three times as Mayor and once as Alderman. Mrs. Wescott presented this painting of her husband in 1919 to be hung in the Council Chamber.