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Carl Schurt Commemorative Medal

Carl Schurz Medal.JPG
A Carl Schurz commemorative medal presented by Erftstadt in 1977. On one side it has a head and shoulder engraving of Carl with the following inscription:-
CARL SCHUTZ 1829-1906
Wo die Freiheit ist.da ist ein Vaterland.

On the reverse side are…

Wokingham Erftstadt Twinning 10 Year Anniversary Certificate

Erftstadt Twinning Anniversary .JPG
A framed certificate with Wokingham and Erftstadt crests with the following words in the left side of the certificate:-

" Wokingham Town Council & Stadt Erfstadt reaffirm on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the twinning arrangement, the…

Erftstadt Plate With Named Buildings

Erftstadt plate with named buildings.JPG
A ceramic plate with the following named buildings:-
Raiffeisenbank, ERFTSTADT eG

Erftstadt Glider

Erftstsdt Glider.JPG
A white metal glider on top of a bronze outline of a map on top of a circular wooden base.

Erftstadt White Metal Cup

Erftstadt White Metal Cup.JPG
A white metal cup with ERFTSTADT inscription, and a building surrounded by grapes and vine leaves.

Pewter Drinkers

Pewter Drinkers.JPG
A comical pewter sculpture of two ale drinkers

Plate (Metal) With Erftstadt Crest

Erftatadt metal plate.JPG
A metal plate with an inscription of Erftstadt and the town's coat of arms.

Stadt Bielefeld Plate

Bielefeld Plate.JPG
Ceramic plate with the following inscription:-
Stadt Bielefeld
Deepen - um ben Tieplatz
And drawing of the town.

Erfstadt Plates With Buildings

Erftstadt Plate with buildings.JPG
Three Pottery plates with inscription of STADT ERTSADT, coat of arms and buildings from the town.

Erfstadt Salver

Erftstadt Plate Maker.JPG
A silver salver of plain circular form, with everted edge, the centre engraved with the two Armorial Crests of Wokingham and Erftstadt, the underside inscribed:

"20 Jahre Partner Schaft Wokingham-Erftstadt"

This was presented to Wokingham by…