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Wokingham Erftstadt Twinning 10 Year Anniversary Certificate

Erftstadt Twinning Anniversary .JPG
A framed certificate with Wokingham and Erftstadt crests with the following words in the left side of the certificate:-

" Wokingham Town Council & Stadt Erfstadt reaffirm on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the twinning arrangement, the…

The Friendly Encounter

This work is a smaller likeness of a large 2.5 metre high sculpture by "Gagel 1999" which is erected in Erftstadt - Liblar, Germany. Depicted are a woman and a man, representing all people who meet as friends. This statement is strengthened by the…

Stadt Bielefeld Plate

Bielefeld Plate.JPG
Ceramic plate with the following inscription:-
Stadt Bielefeld
Deepen - um ben Tieplatz
And drawing of the town.

Plate (Metal) With Erftstadt Crest

Erftatadt metal plate.JPG
A metal plate with an inscription of Erftstadt and the town's coat of arms.

Pewter Drinkers

Pewter Drinkers.JPG
A comical pewter sculpture of two ale drinkers

Erftstadt White Metal Cup

Erftstadt White Metal Cup.JPG
A white metal cup with ERFTSTADT inscription, and a building surrounded by grapes and vine leaves.

Erftstadt Plate With Named Buildings

Erftstadt plate with named buildings.JPG
A ceramic plate with the following named buildings:-
Raiffeisenbank, ERFTSTADT eG

Erftstadt Glider

Erftstsdt Glider.JPG
A white metal glider on top of a bronze outline of a map on top of a circular wooden base.

Erfstadt Salver

Erftstadt Plate Maker.JPG
A silver salver of plain circular form, with everted edge, the centre engraved with the two Armorial Crests of Wokingham and Erftstadt, the underside inscribed:

"20 Jahre Partner Schaft Wokingham-Erftstadt"

This was presented to Wokingham by…

Erfstadt Plates With Buildings

Erftstadt Plate with buildings.JPG
Three Pottery plates with inscription of STADT ERTSADT, coat of arms and buildings from the town.