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Viry-Chatillon Sliver Salver With Aviation Crest

Viry-Chatillon Saver.JPG
A large silver salver with an inscription of VIRY-CHATTILON and an aviation related crest, which was presented by Viry-Chattilon in 1988.

Port-Aviation Medal

Port Aviation.JPG
A white metal medal with the following inscription:-

Jumelage Plate

Jumelage Plate.JPG
A white metal plate with the following inscription:-
together with each of their crests.

Viry-Chatillon Salver With Crest 1988

Viry-Chatillon Silver Salva.JPG
A silver salver with the Viry-Chatillon Crest which was presented to Wokingham Town Council in 1988.

Viry-Chatillon Miners Lamp

miners' lamp.JPG
A Miners Lamp with inscription.

French Platter

A French silver plated Platter of a plain circular design with bevelled edge. The plain centre engraved with the Coat of Arms of Viry Chatillon.
The Platter was presented to the Wokingham Town Council in 1988 by the French Town of Viry Chatillon…

Bust of Marianne

In May 1998, the Town Council of Viry-Châtillon presented the Town Council of Wokingham with the bust of Marianne, who is a national emblem of the French Republic. She is a personification of Liberty and Reason and represents the triumph of the…