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Ann Amanda Davis Coin

Anndavis Medal.JPG
A coin given to Mayor Ann Amanda Davis at an official three day visit to Germany in 1984. The coin commemorates the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Town Hall in the town of Wetter on the Ruhr river.
One side of the coin has an engraving of…

Vase (Glass)

A tall glass vase.

Framed Print of Town Hall

Town Hall Drawing.JPG
A framed print of the Town Hall with the following inscription:-
The Town Hall, Market Place, Wokingham, Berkshire, Elizabeth Chalmers 2/75

Ceramic Plate With Wokingham Crest

wokingham plate1.JPG
A ceramic plate with the Wokingham crest and the following inscription:-

Paper Model Of The Town Hall

Model of the Town Hall1.JPG
A paper/card model of the Town Hall in a glass case.

City Hall Belfast Paper Weight

Belfast paper weight.JPG
A glass paper weight with a bronze coin with an image of City Hall, Belfast.

Kneeler - Danny Miller

Danny Miller Kneeler.JPG
A fabric kneeler with the following inscription:-
Danny Miller Mayor 2004-2006 Made by members of Wokingham & District Embroiders' Guild.

Hat with Box

hat with box.JPG
A black top hat from Moss Bros. of Covent Garden, with an associated red and black travelling box. The box has attached a South East and Chatham Railway "Local Parcels Ticket".

Gavel writing tool

hammer pen.JPG
A writing implement hidden in an ivory or bone gavel shape. Inscribed: Borough of Wokingham, Mayor 1903

Gavel and Block

Upon his first election to Mayor in 1935. Frederick John Barrett presented the council with a gavel and block which he had made from timber from the original Ye Olde Rose Inne.