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Alfred Lewis Pickard Medal set

Alfred Lewis Pickard was 18 years old when he served on board HMS Chester in the First World War. He served with Jack Cornwell, also famously known as Boy Cornwell, who died aged just 16 during the Battle of Jutland and was posthumously awarded the…

"Allied in Glory" Silk postcard

A silk postcard of around 1916-1918 with "Allied in Glory" and a flag supposedly made up of Allies in the War effort. Visible is the British Red Ensign and the French national flag, the other flags are possibly the flag of Imperial Russia and the…

Anti-Aircraft Shell

An Anti-aircraft shell circa WW1. This piece is part of an external collection and is not available to view in person.

Archibald Donal Brooks

Archibald Donal Brooks served in the First World War with the No.3 Mobile Repair Unit of the Army Service Corps. He was from London but in later years his family moved to Wokingham. He is pictured here in four photos with fellow members of his Unit…

Army Prayer Book

An Army Prayer Book used in the First World War by Alexander Ledgerwood Bousfield, whose family later moved to Wokingham. This piece is part of an external collection and is not available to view in person.

Brooch featuring Kitchener

Gold coloured and pearl inlaid brooch the front featuring a portrait of a young man, the reverse a silk portrait of Kitchener. It is thought the Kitchener portrait was added later and taken from another source leaving the curious "Forget" rather than…

Captain William Cole

Captain William Cole (born 1880) served in both the Second Boer War and the First World War. Decorated from both wars he served with the East Kent regiment during the Boer War and 63rd (Royal Naval) Division during the First World War. He was made a…

Commemorative Shell

The shell was presented by the National Savings Committee in 1918, to commemorate the people of Wokingham's “Notable subscription to War Securities during Guns Week”, for World War I. This artefact can be found in the corridor of the Town Hall.

Decorated Shell Case

Brass shell case, cut and decorated in copper with a design incorporating the cross of Lorraine, fleur de lys and thistle the symbol of Nancy in the Lorraine province of France.Inscribed with the dates 1914-1917. An example of trench art, this item…

Demobilization Documentation

An example of a Z 21 Certificate of Demobilisation. In this case Alexander Ledgerwood Bousfield's showing he was transferred to reserve on November 26th 1919. This piece is part of an external collection and is not available to view in person.