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St. Paul's Church

St Paul's Church.jpg
St Paul’s Church was built in 1864 due to the rapid growth of Wokingham after the railway came. It was funded by John Walter III of Bear Wood, who owned the Times Newspaper and donated two acres of land to accommodate the Church and Churchyard. John…

Victor and Robert Sargeant

Victor Sargeant.jpg
John and Martha Sargeant were originally from Bracknell and had 14 children, 7 sons and 7 daughters. Victor was the 9th (born in 1887) and Robert the 12th (born on the 14th of September 1891). The family lived at 6 Shute End and John became a…

George "Harry" Brown and Owen Brown

George Brown.jpg
George Brown, known as Harry, was the eldest of four siblings (two boys and two girls). He was born in Surrey in 1885 and his family moved to Havelock Road in Wokingham before he was 16. His sister Katie was an Infant School teacher and he worked as…

Corporal Charles Rideout

Charles was born in Brighton in 1889, the eldest of three boys and three girls. By 1911 he was working as a harness maker at Mr Evans’ Equine Supplies at 19 Peach Street. He was a keen cricketer and footballer, a member of Wokingham Town Band and a…

St Paul’s Church Memorial

Wokingham town - St Paul's Church memorial.JPG
St Paul’s Church was built in 1864 due to the rapid growth of Wokingham after the railway came. It was funded by John Walter of Bear Wood, who owned the Times Newspaper. The Church was 50 years old in 1914, and is celebrating its 150th anniversary in…

Sydney C Ayres

Sydney Ayres.jpg
Sidney Charles Ayers was born in Wokingham, the eldest child of Charles Osmund and Sarah Elizabeth Ayers of 20 Barkham Road. They also had 3 younger sons. In 1911 Sidney was 15 and was working as a carpenter’s apprentice and part-time student. His…

Bernard F Knight

Bernard F Knight.jpg
Bernard Frank Knight was born in Wokingham in 1896 to Frank and Lucie Knight. There was another son, Raymond, born 1910 and two daughters, Olive born 1911 and Janet born 1913. Frank was a decorator/plumber in Wokingham and Lucie worked as a…

Edward, Bruce and Victor Hills Nicholson

Edward Hills Nicholson.jpg
Edward, Bruce and Victor were the first, third and fourth of the four sons of Alfred and Letitia Nicholson of Glebelands, Wokingham. Alfred was a successful stock broker.
Edward was born in Twickenham in 1880. He received his commission in the Royal…

Frederic de Vere Bruce Allfrey

Frederick de Vere Bruce Allfrey.jpg
Frederic, born 21st September 1891, was the only son of Frederick and Maud de Vere Allfrey of Ashridgewood, Wokingham. He had a sister Vera Maud born about a year before him.

According to the Census, by 1911 Frederic was a regular Army Officer…