In 2012 after the Jubilee celebrations the Council identified that a number of people had enjoyed the work put into temporarily decorating the Town.

It was decided to commission 10 artists to each paint one of the pillars along Peach Street

A call out was put to local and regional artists and 10 designs were selected.

A number of local businesses also sponsored some of the pillars.


Pillar One

Design inspired by: Town Hall flag and Coat of Arms.

Pillar Two

Design by: Terri Jones. (
A floral inspired pillar
Sponsored by: Gardeneer

Pillar Three

Design by: Angie Bellus.
Inspired by: Wokingham buildings and history.
Sponsored by: Cantley House Hotel.

Pillar Four

Design by: Sarah Pye.(
Garden with peach tree.
Sponsored by: Peach Flooring Studio.

Pillar Five

Design by: Kev Munday. (
An urban art totem pole.
Sponsored by: Resource Property Sevices

Pillar Six

Design by: Carol Newman.
Inspired by: Old fashioned tailors dummys.
Sponsored by: The Dress Circle

Pillar Seven

Design by: Ami Clark
Inspired by: Wokingham's Tudor buildings and symbols.

Pillar Eight

Design by: Julia Rogers
Inspired by: Colourful abstract forms
Sponsored by: Wokingham Festival Ltd

Pillar Nine

Design by: Jennifer Camilleri
Inspired by: Wokingham's Buildings

Pillar Ten

Design by: Christine Morgan.
Inspired by: Wokingham Town Hall's Windows.

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